Why Are You Overweight? Try Splurging.

19 Oct

Getting through to splurge day:

The first few weeks of the diet can be tough.  I went through hell some days trying to overcome my temptation to eat things outside of my diet.  There were some days where I felt light headed and very grumpy.  But I felt the same way when I broke up with a crazy girlfriend, so health has its initial downsides, what do you expect?   It was especially tough because my meals were different than what my wife cooked so I was always tempted to steal from her plate.   Luckily now my wife has converted and she did so gladly because my diet is quicker and easier to prepare.  But to make things easier I made a list of tricks that will help you get through the week:

First of all, just remember that Saturday you can eat 10 of whatever is tempting you. (take notes as you’re tempted)

Use Quinoa to fill that hunger craving for carbs.  Sweeten it with a little agave.

Diet sodas are ok but not the healthiest choice of drink.

Chewing gum in a pinch saved me a few times.

Herbal tea’s (especially mate) sweetened with a little agave usually curb my hunger pains.

Buy some agave chocolate sauce.  It is perfect for hot chocolate or a spoonful in quinoa with a little milk makes coco-quinoa (my favorite).

Drink water.  Most of the time your body craves carbs it’s because you are de-hydrated.  Carbs have a high amount of water content and thus your body craves it.  So just drink it.

If you do a resistance based training (like weight-lifting) for over 20 minutes your muscles need to have the glycogen stores replaced in order to heal.  So it’s okay to eat white carbs within 90 minutes of working out.  But after about 30 grams of carbs your body begins to store the excess as fat so don’t over do it.  I tried eating carbs after 90 minute endurance exercises, like cycling and soccer, for a couple weeks and my weight loss slowed to a stop.

If you want a good weight-lifting routine to follow (I am following it) that will keep you toned and only takes 30 minutes 2 times weekly check out this link.

Good luck and let me know if you have any questions or concerns as you start the path to a smaller waist line and a Saturday of bliss!


3 Responses to “Why Are You Overweight? Try Splurging.”

  1. Becky Albrecht October 19, 2010 at 7:12 pm #

    So glad your blogging so “WE” can all hear and listen to each others help and ideas and advice what worked and what didn’t. I was wondering about the vegtables? Is everything a go other than potatoes. I was wondering about squash. and what about like butter buds the butter you sprinkle? I was thinking as a good little treat would be the sugar free popcicles and I know Sobe has a zero cal drink that is really good and slush it up with ice and yummy!

    • cmfryer October 20, 2010 at 6:36 pm #

      Becky- As far as vegetables go here is a good link for the glycemic index of most of them http://www.recipenutrition.com/Glyo.aspx

      The veggies to watch out for are corn, green peas, and tomatoes. Tomatoes because of the sugar content. As far as squash goes your good, just don’t eat pumpkin.

  2. Josh October 20, 2010 at 2:35 am #

    Creative approach.

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