How Costco Sampling Can Make You Lose 20 LBS.

19 Oct

One of the greatest things of the Splurge Day Diet is that it is so easy and cheap to maintain.

Here are my typical ingredients and everything here is bought in bulk at Costco:

Fresh Spinach leaves
Fresh Romain hearts and or Artisan Lettuce Mix
Canned Beans (Kidney, pinto, black)
Frozen Mixed vegetables
Frozen Teriyaki chicken breast
Frozen meatballs
Egg whites
Parmesan Cheese

Typical meals:

Omelette with spinach leaves, parmesan cheese, and salsa (10 minutes)

Quinoa with agave and milk (sparingly) on top (15 minutes)


Teriyaki chicken breast with spinach (5 minutes)

Salad- Sliced romaine hearts with spinach, low-fat salad dressing (very sparingly), beans, parmesan cheese (sparingly), and meatballs. (7 minutes)


Meat, beans, vegetables (10-20 minutes depending on the meat)

Salad (7 minutes)

The difference of taste in beans is quite noticeable so it helps switch things up.  I buy different mixed vegetables to keep things interesting.  And obviously I change up the meat as well.  I don’t recommend the omelette for every morning as I tried that and almost couldn’t eat eggs after 3 weeks of straight egg breakfast.  Quinoa is the bomb and even a salad for breakfast from time to time is great.


One Response to “How Costco Sampling Can Make You Lose 20 LBS.”

  1. Jason Dearing November 15, 2010 at 2:30 am #

    I use this exact menu planning and buy everything at Costco for the week, or more. I have gone from 222-202 in 4 weeks using Tim’s diet. Great stuff. Good site.

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