Screw the Diet, Just Splurge…and Lose 10 LBS.

20 Oct

The great thing about this diet is that it is fully customizable to your weight-loss goals.

If you are looking to lose weight the fastest, for a contest especially, then I would stick with only beans, veggies, and meat during the week. For optimal results make sure that you buy dry beans and boil them. Also cut out the quinoa and agave except within 90 minutes of a resistance type exercise.  It’s important that you get some source of carbs though, as your brain is highly dependent on carbs for its functioning.  So if you cut the quinoa up your servings of legumes (black and pinto beans and lentils). It might be tempting to think that cutting out splurge day might speed up weight-loss but it won’t.  The spike of splurge day keeps your metabolism burning hot through the week.

If you are more patient with your weight-loss and have a harder time making it through to splurge day then you can modify your diet based on two things: glycemic index and caloric density.  Glycemic index basically measures how quickly carbs are turned into glucose (sugar) and released into your blood stream.  The quicker they are released the more likely they will be stored as fat.  The glycemic index (GI) measures everything against white bread which is 100 on the index.  So low (0-35) on the GI is what we want.  But you also have to balance that with the amount of calories (caloric content) of the food on the GI.  For example dark chocolate (70% cocoa) is 22 on the GI.  But it also has 5.5 calories per gram where black beans are 35 on the GI but have only 0.8 calories per gram.  So based on that info you can make sensible decisions on your diet and customize it.  But beware, if you take this route, it will be tempting to justify many things.  I generally would advise you to introduce this customization later in the diet, after your initial big weight-loss.

Finally there is the slacker version of the diet: just do splurge day.  A friend of mine was interested in the diet and decided that he would only eat dessert one day a week and maintain eating his typical meals.  He lost 10 lbs. within a few weeks!  This is good for those in the family who are skeptical of the diet or have little weight to lose.  So whatever your goals are (or lack thereof) the Splurge Day Diet can help!


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