How to Get Gas, Heartburn, and a Bloated Belly. It’s Easy!

24 Feb

It’s been a while!  I recently took a sabbatical from the diet.  For about 6 weeks I had a splurge day everyday.  Guess what happened…nope your wrong, I didn’t gain the weight back!  Okay so I gained 4 pounds but after starting the diet again this week I have lost those 4 pounds already.  Talk about a miracle diet!

But what I really wanted to focus on was the other symptoms I experienced during my 6 week splurge fest.

Restless Leg Syndrome- must be from refined sugars
Heartburn!- also attributed to sugars
*ahem* Gas- now I know why my wife is so fond of the diet…I don’t have gas while on it.
Bloated belly- goes hand in hand with gas

I also lost the gleeful child-like excitement for Saturdays.  For a couple of weeks I felt like a kid in a candy store, being able to eat what I wanted everyday.  Splurge Day heaven right?  Actually it sucked after the initial excitement wore off.  All the sugary things I ate lost their overall savor and food wasn’t that exciting anymore.  Even Pop-Tarts became pretty boring.  Eating became pretty mindless again.

It reminds me that this diet isn’t so much a diet but a way to look at food, eating, and nutrition in a more healthy way.  It’s about being mindful and present about your eating choices and making sure that you are getting the type of calories that your body will use and not store.  It’s a realization that all calories are not created or burned equally.  It’s also a celebration of great food.  It is a mindset.  A mindset with wonderful benefits.

I am reminded this week of the benefits of the mindset. My negative symptoms have decreased,  I am so stoked for splurge day and all of the goodies I have been dreaming up, and I’m slimming down even more.  (PS Sarah is down to a size 2 for the first time in her adult life).

Oh and congrats to Alicia Green who entered the mindset recently, keep us posted on your success.


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