How to Lose Weight and Splurge

18 Oct

So I was pretty skeptical of this diet at first. Not to mention my wife, who graduated in Exercise Science said it wouldn’t work.  But then again what did I have to lose: I had fatty liver disease, my testosterone levels were low, and I was mildly depressed.  So I tried it for a month to see what the results would be. Within a month I lost 10 lbs. and 2 inches off my hips and chest. And this was totally without any exercise. A month later I lost 10 lbs. more and another 2 inches off my hips and chest.

Basically the diet consists of avoiding “white carbs” like rice, bread, potatoes, and pasta 6 days a week. And no drinking carbs during those 6 days either. During the 6 days I eat beans (Black, Pinto, and Kidney), vegetables (especially the dark kind like asparagus and broccoli), and meat (eggs, chicken, beef, or pork). I eat as much of those few things as needed to fill up. And mix and match them to avoid boredom. Then every Saturday I eat anything (and I mean anything) and everything that I want (Krispy Kremes, Pop-Tarts, ice cream, pizza, etc.).

The reason this all works is because when your body breaks down carbs it basically turns them into sugars. Because we have an abundance of carbs (and hence sugars), in our diets our body stores them as fat. So eat less building blocks for fat and gain less fat, capiche?

Now this is not a “no carb” diet because you can actually consume carbs, just not “bad” carbs. Bad carbs are high on the glycemic index and induce fat storing whereas carbs low on the glycemic index don’t. Quinoa is a food with good carbs that I eat on a daily basis. Beans also contain good carbs. There is also a honey like sweetener that is low on the glycemic index that I eat with my quinoa called agave. (Both quinoa and agave can be bought in bulk at Costco and are really great when you need a sweet fix during the week.)

Now about Saturdays…blessed Saturdays, I call them my splurge days and they are actually important to do. Eating like a nun 6 days a week will cause your metabolic processes to slow down and hence cause you to burn less fat. We want your body to be burning fat like a gambler burns money. When your body is lacking the “bad carbs” it goes into a state called “kitosis” where it actually starts using fat for energy. And if your metabolism is used to burning a lot of calories it will burn mucho fat, comprende? So spike your caloric intake once a week and BAM! your metabolism is jumped started again to burn like that gambler we were talking about. (In fact I plateaued at one point and relaxed the diet for a week, once I started the diet again the following week I finally dropped below 200 lbs. for the first time since high school.)

So there you have the secret to my success. It’s not hard work at all! Everyone on Facebook keeps saying stuff like “Hard work pays off,” but I pretty much sat around eating and that is not hard work for me. The hardest part is getting through the first 3 weeks of the diet. I did have some withdrawals from missing my daily 3 bowls of cereal. Carbs tend to keep you full for a long amount of time. So its important to eat often. I got a little light headed at first but I had the same problem when I went off sugar for 3 weeks a few years ago. Just remember that 1/2 cup of rice has 300 calories and 1/2 cup of spinach has 15 calories, so eat accordingly. I now have no light headedness, get really full on less of my diet, and have tons more energy. I’ve found that on my splurge days I am way more tired because of all the carbs and can barely eat a few pieces of pizza before getting stuffed!  Not to mention my testosterone levels are back to normal, I feel happy, and am excited to get my liver test done again to see if it has been completely healed.

This diet has changed my life. I thought it was going to take years to get rid of the fat that I had accumulated and it was depressing. I just started accepting my fate as being a “big guy.” But now I know there is a solution and I hope you find similar success. Feel free to ask me any questions. I have a lot more to share, including recipes and first hand experience. Here is a link to where I originally encountered the diet. I highly recommend reading it and anything else the author has to say about the subject.


How to Avoid Being Scrooge and Keep the Holiday Weight Off

24 Nov

Mash Potatoes, stuffing, gravy, pumpkin pie….carbs, carbs, carbs, carbs!

So the infamous Turkey Day is nigh upon us. To spurge or not to splurge? I say splurge! Whenever I have a special event or holiday during the week outside of splurge day I basically splurge twice. If I splurge hard on the holiday then I don’t splurge as hard on splurge day and vice-versa.

I once tried to do splurge day on a holiday and skip my normal Saturday splurge and the world almost ended. I started having existential crises and the universe seemed such a chaotic place. So I decided not to do that to myself anymore.

Dieting is all about establishing a rythm and consistency. Stick to your splurge day, enjoy the holiday, and lose weight!

So be thankful this Thanksgiving for double splurge day!